Welcome to Strachan

For more than four generations, the art of fine furniture has been the business of the Strachan family.

My ancestors legacy has always evoked in me a tremendous sense of personal pride, so it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our latest landmark collection of bespoke fitted furniture.

Since the beginning, our aim has been to create furniture that does more than just "fit together" - our pieces adapt and blend with the features that give your home its unique character.

When you combine this ability with Strachan furniture makers dedication to precision, elegance, and function, your home not only keeps its identity, our made-to-measure furniture (with some very innovative concealed features) makes ingenious use of your living space.

It is important to remember that all Strachan furniture makers fitted furniture is bespoke.

Once your individual design is complete, your fitted furniture is meticulously handcrafted in our workshops (by craftsman who have undergone years of rigorous training) and finally, it is fitted into your home with true skill, unrivalled expertise, and our legendary attention to detail.

Just as craftsmanship is a vital part of the Strachan family tradition, I see quality and service as an equally important obligation to my family's heritage.

Perhaps you are looking for a touch of inspiration or have a project in mind... whatever your motivation, I hope our website helps you on your quest...

Adam Strachan

Adam Strachan

P.S. Our expert designers are nationwide so there is always one local to you.
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