Solid oak doors with burr veneer centre panel


Blending the old with the new
When you have an item of antique furniture that you have treasured for years, it becomes part of the family. But when faced with needing new fitted bedroom furniture and wanting that furniture to match the antique pieces, it could present something of a dilemma.

Not so for a recent valued customer of Strachan. They wanted to improve their home with the addition of luxury fitted wardrobes that would blend effortlessly with their exquisite burr walnut antique furniture. We knew that our time-honoured craftsmen would relish such an opportunity and the journey to creating a co-ordinated and bespoke room began.

Burr walnut furniture has been cherished for centuries by furniture makers, wood turners and connoisseurs alike. Its desirability comes from the rich, intricately figured burr pattern created by irregular growths on the trunk or branches that are filled with small knots from dormant buds and smaller branches. This growth forms only a small part of the tree therefore only a specific part of the tree can be used. This, of course, ensures that each burr veneer is highly valuable and absolutely unique.

Because of the limited size of each burr, the real skill is in matching or blending individual pieces together to make larger pieces suitable for furniture. This naturally creates an aura of exclusivity and an appreciation for such craftsmanship that is still around today. Interestingly, the Antiques Trade Gazette reported in 2010 that a burr walnut writing desk was sold at auction, commanding a final, incredible bid of £80,000 – a record for the day.

As you would expect, nothing less than a perfect match between the old antique pieces and Strachan’s new built in bedroom furniture would be acceptable, for us and for the customer. Our customer service team spent a great deal of time with the customer, presenting a range of samples to view alongside the original antiques and in the room in which the bespoke wardrobes would be fitted, in order to achieve the perfect colour.

Strachan’s master craftsmen commenced with the skilled process of pressing the specially selected burr veneers to the raised and fielded solid oak centre panels which would then be incorporated into the new fitted wardrobe doors, and after the careful process of installation, the customer’s dream room was realised. The result was a resounding success. Each piece of furniture, old and new, co-ordinated perfectly, the customer was surrounded by their beloved antiques and had the benefit of new spacious built in wardrobes in a style that complemented their home and their taste.

Whilst burr woods have always been popular, the style enjoyed something of a renaissance in the glory days of the Art Deco period. From the 1930s to the 1950s, famous furniture makers, Harry and Lou Epstein experimented with burr maple, sycamore and walnut to create their signature custom-made pieces of furniture, desired by collectors the world over. It is satisfying to note that a beautifully finished piece of burr veneer is as contemporary now as it was then.

Knowing that it is perfectly possible to commission new pieces of fitted furniture to complement the finish achieved by these old masters, the elegance of burr woods will live on.

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Complementing your wood finish – the secret to success

Step into a room adorned with bespoke fitted furniture in a luxurious wood finish and you immediately sense that you are surrounded by something special. You feel compelled to trace the pattern of the woodgrain finish with your fingertips, comforted by the warm, natural tones.

The colours that you select to harmonise with your furniture are a reflection of your taste and individuality and all that is needed to create a distinctive style statement is  a little design know how.

Dark Olive

Dark Olive Wood fitted cabinets

A city smart, sophisticated air can be achieved through the marriage of rich tones and pronounced woodgrain finish against a backdrop of pale greys or creams. You may wish to consider a single feature wall in burgundy or gunmetal grey, or a commanding work of art to bring exceptional character to your room.


Walnut wood dressers

The richness of Walnut is an excellent choice in modern and period residences alike. To create a truly relaxed ambience, floors and furnishings should remain neutral, perhaps in cream, coffee or a delicate duck egg blue. If your room enjoys good, natural light, add a flourish of individuality by considering a dark tone for one wall. Burgundy or a deep olive green would be a sophisticated choice.


Oak finishing on bed

The love affair with Oak continues. Its delightful mid-tones bring light and warmth to a room with a calm, delicate palette. Soft whites and cream complement Oak beautifully, as do cornflower blues and shades of green from teal to sage. To achieve a sense of drama, a feature wall in mulberry or autumn hues would set the scene beautifully.


Home office with beech fittings

Beech is a truly wonderful choice for a light and airy study or bedroom. Its pale finish has a discernible warm tone that lends itself to the richer shades of burnt orange or warm red. Retaining one wall in a pale cream will maintain a pleasing balance to your decor.


Granadillo fitted wardrobes and bed

At home in a stylish modern decor, Granadillo’s signature woodgrain finish has a rare beauty. Co-ordinating your walls in any of the warm tones within Granadillo’s finish will create a calm, elegant quality. May we suggest darker hues from the warm colour palette, such as cherry red or chocolate, with furnishings in a pale, neutral tone to create a room of unrivalled appeal.


Fitted Wardrobes and dresser in maple wood

Lighter wood finishes, such as our refined Maple finish; create a sense of abundant space. Blend with pale, neutral tones; for instance, almond white or biscuit on the walls and floor covering, and the room will be blessed with a feeling of tranquility; becoming the ideal haven for relaxation. Key furnishings in favoured, bold accent colours would create a more contemporary decor.

Colour trends vary with the seasons. With your Strachan furniture as the centrepiece, drawing upon different colour paletes enables you to transform your home with ease throughout the years as your tastes change.

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Furniture Layout Plans for Home Offices; A Quick Guide

The first and most vital part of designing your home office is to consider the ergonomics. If you spend 8 hours a day (very roughly the average amount of time worked each day in the UK) working in that room it needs to be comfortable and avoid damaging your health.

A poorly configured working space can cause back pain, eyestrain and other problems. Working on your kitchen table is only likely to compound these issues. Kitchen and sitting room chairs are not designed to be used for working and won’t give you the right support if you spend your working day sitting in them. This will contribute to bad posture, which in turn will cause back pain.

optima home office

To avoid these problems you should create your own dedicated workspace. The HSE makes the following recommendations to ensure that your workspace is comfortable and reduce the chance of injury.

1. Forearms should be approximately horizontal and the user’s eyes should be the same height as the top of the screen.
2. Make sure there is enough work space to accommodate all documents or other equipment. A document holder may help avoid awkward neck and eye movements.
3. Arrange the desk and screen to avoid glare, or bright reflections. This is often easiest if the screen is not directly facing windows or bright lights.
4. Adjust curtains or blinds to prevent intrusive light. This will help to avoid glare on your computer screen
5. Make sure there is space under the desk to move legs.
6. Avoid excess pressure from the edge of seats on the backs of legs and knees.
7. A footrest may be helpful, particularly for smaller users.
8. Take regular breaks to stretch and walk around, even if it’s just getting up to get a glass of water.

Computer Workstation Best Posture

Another option includes getting a standing or adjustable desk configured for your height. There have been a number of studies claiming that standing has a number of health benefits and can help you keep focused and awake compared to sitting. Home offices are particularly well suited to standing desks as you often have space for a sitting desk as well to let you take break!

Productivity and Distractions
Being productive at home can be challenging. There are a number of potential distractions, which you simply don’t get in the office. For example there is the temptation to finish housework, children or partners wanting your attention or neighbour’s popping round for a chat.

It can also be hard to switch of from work when you don’t have the commute to signal that the working day is over.

To prevent these problems it helps to set clear boundaries and this is where having a home office really helps. By having a separate room for work related matters you are setting a clear boundary. When you in the office it’s time to work and you shouldn’t be disturbed unless it’s urgent. When you are outside of the office then you are no longer working and can relax with family, catch up with house work and so on. You can also set up a specific work phone number to a phone in your office to help keep clients from calling your family and reducing their ability to disturb you outside of working hours.

Office Plans

If you work from home then you need a comfortable place to work from with appropriate furniture and storage options. The following plans may give you some ideas for setting up your own home office.

Office for One Person and Visitors

The example below is a fairly simple example of a home office designed to receive visitors.

Points to note are the large window positioned to receive lots of light, but at an angle where it doesn’t reflect of the monitor, helping to prevent glare.

The office is fitted with comfortable ergonomic chairs to help prevent back pain and make working more comfortable.

Plenty of storage space can be created with fitted filing cabinets and bookcases.

The desk is facing the door, so that when visitors come in they can easily be greeted and feel welcome.
Home office furniture layout for one user and visitor

Office for one person, no visitors

This office is laid-out for a single worker who doesn’t receive clients at home. This layout has no windows directly behind the user to avoid glare on the screen. If there is a second window consider getting blinds or curtains to block the sunlight from shining on the screen.

The door is positioned so that if anyone does come in they can be easily talked to and without effort but it isn’t as welcoming as the office above to help discourage people dropping in unnecessarily.

home office furniture lay for single user

Offices for Two People

This office is shared between two people but probably people who either work on the same projects or get on very well together without distracting each other. The shared desk allows both users to talk to each other and makes for a great layout for collaborative work. The office is neatly divided so that each user can have their work area while still being sociable. Fitted furniture helps to make the most out of the space so that both users have enough room to store paperwork, equipment and other essentials.

home office furniture layout two users facing each other

The same office can be configured for the users to face away from each other. This will allow the users to focus more on their individual tasks, while still being close enough to talk to each other when needed.

Home office layout for two people facing away from each other

These are only some basic ideas for office layouts and make some basic assumptions about room size and shape. But any room or space can be converted into a home office. The important factor is to ensure it can be sealed away to give you a comfortable space to focus on your work and ensure you have sufficient storage for all your important documents.


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Living the open plan dream: Tips and advice on getting it right

Maximising space in homes has become a modern day obsession. And one of the most popular ways of making properties feel bigger is to knock down walls and create open plan living. A shared space for cooking, dining and relaxing may look stunning in interior magazines, while on paper it does offer the flexibility many people crave, the reality can be somewhat different. Fitted furniture experts Strachan, face these challenges head on and offer clever design solutions to make open plan really work.

It’s all about zones
The move away from traditional rooms to open plan living is not difficult in itself. To make it really work, however, it’s important to create zones within it. Without these distinct areas, living spaces can feel cold, confused and uninviting. Strachan explain how…

‘Defining different functions with large pieces of furniture can help break up the space into usable areas without losing the overall sense of spaciousness. Fitted shelves, for example, are a great way to mark out the boundary between a dining area and living room, whilst at the same time providing valuable storage for books, DVDs, crockery or glasses.’

Fitted wall shelves in walnut finish

Fitted wall shelves filled with books create a living room feel and separate it from the dining area in this open plan space

Go with the flow
Successful open plan living also relies on how natural the ‘flow’ is from one area to another. Cleverly designed cabinets and shelving can be helpful ‘guideposts’, leading effortlessly from the kitchen into a dining area, from the home office through into the lounge when it’s time to relax.

At the same time, it’s these pieces of furniture that provide space to keep everyday essentials organised and any unsightly equipment hidden away – a vital part of realising the open plan dream.

Storage solutions
Interior design publications may be full of idyllic shots of minimal spaces, but living as a family in an open plan home requires much more thought. For every wall taken down, shelves or cupboard space will be lost, so home owners should bear in mind where they’ll store all their ‘stuff’. Unless the whole family are exceptionally tidy, (unlikely, especially if for families with young children) clever storage is essential to keep homes looking neat and uncluttered.

Strachan say it’s all about bespoke furniture. ‘To make open plan living work, fitted storage such as cabinets, book shelves and home entertainment units are a great storage idea. Providing they’re expertly designed, fitted furniture will blend seamlessly into the best living room design.

TV rooms and home cinemas are popular but there’s nothing worse than letting the screen dominate an open plan space – that’s where specialist home entertainment storage comes into its own. For people who want to keep children’s toys out of sight by night, Strachan suggest considering ingenious integrated fitted furniture solutions with timeless classic design that also provides exceptional storage for the kids’ clutter in your open plan lounge when it’s time to transform it into a ‘grown up’ space.

Fitted TV & display unit in walnut finish

The living area has continuity and flow, thanks to bespoke fitted matching TV & display units, which also hide the clutter of everyday life

Less is more
Once zones have been defined it’s also imperative to maintain a unified ‘look and feel’ in terms of décor. Strachan suggest sticking to a simple palette, ‘We always recommend choosing one wood finish throughout for your fitted furniture to minimize ‘visual clutter’. Select a single accent colour and use it throughout for accessories, and choose wallpaper that features in more than one ‘zone’ to bring the whole scheme together.’

Lighting is key, too – not only can a well-lit space enhance the feeling of airiness, task lighting plays a more practical role. It pays to choose lights over a dining table that are bright enough to do homework by, but that can be dimmed when it’s time for a dinner party.

Creating exceptional quality fitted furniture, Strachan specialise in bespoke solutions that complement open plan living spaces, in a range of styles from contemporary to classic.

To arrange a free design consultation without obligation, call Strachan on 0800 212 637.

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Built in furniture to help you create a dream home in a dream location

You know what they say: Location, location, location. Finding a place to call your own, in a setting you’ve always yearned for, is a dream for many people. But whether your ideal location is an idyllic country landscape with no neighbours for miles, a spot with a sea view or a bustling city centre with everything you need on your doorstep, you may find the perfect place – but what if your property with doesn’t quite live up to the dream?

Realise your dream with the perfect home
So you’ve listened to your heart and you’ve found the location you’ve always dreamed of. But now it’s time to transform your new property into that dream home.

Whether you’ve fallen for a quaint country cottage (and chosen to ignore the fact it has no storage!), a sprawling modern home (last decorated in the 70’s…) or bijou city pad (stylish but totally impractical in its layout), think how your new home needs to work for you. Do you need to make space for occasional guests? Is your home also your office? Have you got a vast collection of shoes that needs accommodating?

Space that works for you
The key to modern living is flexibility. And fitted furniture not only makes your room work harder for you – giving you the chance to create a room with different purposes – but with some very stylish options available, you can do this without compromise.

Well-designed study furniture can make all the difference to home working. If you’ve got plenty of space, dressing room furniture can take clutter away from your bedroom and organise your clothes. A fold down bed allows you more versatility, if your office needs to double up as a spare bedroom. And if your cottage has quirky bedrooms, fitted wardrobes are fantastic for furnishing an awkward shaped room.

Pull down hanging rail

Clever pull down hanging rails make the most of your wardrobe height

If you’re struggling to visualise how to make best use of your space, a design consultation is a great place to start. Specialist fitted furniture designers have the know-how to look at your home, understand your needs and come up with detailed layouts that can offer you the solution you need.

Balancing form and function
When it comes to choosing the perfect style of furniture for your home, it’s all about getting the balance right. Try to complement the period of the property, whilst taking your personal style preference into consideration. There is a huge range of styles on offer in the market place today, from modern high-gloss and timeless oak- to traditional walnut-finishes, so whether you’re looking at fitted bedrooms and built in wardrobes or wall beds and home office furniture, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the choosing of your furniture.

Side folding wall bed in New England Maple

This forward thinking side folding wall bed is finished in traditional styling to blend seamlessly into your period home.

With contemporary, classic and traditional designs to choose from, fitted furniture will fit seamlessly into any home. So if your country cottage suits the classic look, or your city apartment demands a modern finish, ask your designer to advise you on furniture that will enhance your interior making it worthy of the location outside your front door.

Attention to detail
Whatever look you decide upon, it’s the clever touches that make fitted furniture such a desirable addition to a home. From soft close drawers that maintain an aura of calm, to slide out accessory trays that will keep your wardrobe perfectly organised. From fold down beds that are ready in seconds, to cleverly concealed storage for all the technology in your home office. Today’s designers have thought of everything, so you can enjoy the perfect marriage of high-end, high quality furniture with finishing touches designed to make everyday living effortless and exceptional.

Hidden mirror in fitted wardrobes

This slide out hidden mirror uses minimal space in your wardrobe units

Wherever your house is located, you can call on Strachan Furniture Makers to provide you with built in furniture that can maximise storage, organise your space, add welcome luxury and inject enviable style to bring your dream home to life.

Specialising in bespoke fitted furniture that includes everything from contemporary home study furniture to traditional fitted bedroom furniture, Strachan have all the skills to help you realise your perfect home.

Strachan’s local designers and time-served craftsmen, design and install your built in furniture free of charge – so you enjoy that dream home you always wanted.

To arrange your FREE no obligation design consultation call Strachan FREE on 0800 212 637.

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Is Fitted Furniture The Key To Creating a Dream Home For Newlyweds?

It’s that time of year when weddings are in full swing and often alongside the Big Day comes thoughts of creating the perfect marital home. When you tie the knot, it becomes time to share everything – and this includes decision making on the décor and furniture for your new home. These tips can help you bring your unique styles together, and create a dream home to move into after your special day.

Know each other’s style
No matter how perfectly suited you are, your tastes in interior design may be less than complementary. Start by establishing your individual preferences and lifestyle needs. Are you OTT about organisation? Is he more relaxed about the space around him? Maybe you love creams and neutrals but he’s mad on colour? Does home also mean home office for you? Do you dream of a walk in wardrobe to hide your clutter? The answers to all these questions are integral to the decision making process – so making a list you can look back on is a great way to start off the process.

Be inspired, speak to a designer
Why not collect images of interiors you love. Think what you like about each one? Is there any common ground, or are your perfect homes, worlds apart? It makes sense to speak to a designer too, they can help marry your different tastes and offer suggestions you may never have thought of.

You could take advantage of a free consultation from a local designer from Strachan Furniture Makers. They will talk to you, to understand what you’re both looking for to create a detailed design layout that suits both of you.

Invest in furniture that fits in with your life
Whatever style each of you yearns for, one thing is sure: Furniture for your bedroom, living room or study is likely to be one of the largest purchases you make for your new home. It’s an investment you won’t want to make often, but one you will make continuous use of, therefore it’s worth considering neutral palettes and timeless finishes for longevity. The right furniture can maximise space, provide great background style and make living easy too, so it’s worth taking time to make your decision.

If you’re moving into a compact city pad, space may well be at a premium and wall beds can be an inspired choice. If you need a multi-purpose room, office by day bedroom by night, for example, calling on the expertise of a fitted furniture designer can bring this to life, incorporating home study furniture into a fitted bedroom.

Side folding wall bed

Space saving wall beds are a great option for smaller spaces

Strachan side folding wall bed

This side folding wall bed hides away completely when not in use

If your property is more palatial, beautifully made dressing room furniture can add a luxurious twist and cleverly planned fitted wardrobes can provide ingenious storage that’s tailored precisely to your needs, from full length hanging and built-in drawers to shoe storage and dressing mirrors.

Strachan Ultimo dressing room in Aura finish

This luxury dressing room is sophisticated enough for his and her tastes!

Accessorising for two
Finishing touches can lift a room from practical to personal, try to include things that link you as a couple. Display photos that mean something to you both or choose ornaments that have shared emotional connections, like a treasured memento from a trip you took together.

Creating your new home together is not just a short-term project. It’s a long-term commitment to making a happy, loving sanctuary for you both to enjoy. Choosing quality bespoke fitted furniture in classic wood finishes, you’ll have a timeless and practical setting in which to blend both your individual styles.

Strachan can help you create a home that fulfils both your dreams
Whatever the size of your house, built in furniture is ideal for bringing space, organisation and luxury living to your new life together. It’s worth speaking to a design expert to understand the best furniture solutions that can be created to meet your combined lifestyles. A Strachan designer is perfectly placed to advise you on unique styles, finishes and finishing touches.

Strachan Furniture Makers have all the skills to help you realise your dream home and are committed to making and installing built-in furniture of the very highest standard. With local designers and free fitting by time-served craftsmen, you can rest assured the end result will be exemplary.

To arrange a FREE design consultation without obligation, call Strachan FREE on 0800 212 637 or visit

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Treat Your Visitors Like Royalty With Bespoke Furniture In Your Guest Room

This July sees the much-anticipated arrival of newest member of the royal family. It goes without saying, that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have an army of designers on hand to make sure their nanny enjoys exquisitely designed accommodation.

But if you’re expecting a new arrival, and hope you’ll have parents staying to help out – or you’re simply thinking of creating space in your home for visiting friends – it’s worth calling on the experts to help you transform your spare room into a beautiful and welcoming guest room that meets the needs of modern living.

One room, two uses
We’re not all lucky enough to have a room that we can reserve exclusively for guests. With the number of people working from home dramatically on the rise, traditional spare rooms often have to double as home offices.

That’s where fitted furniture experts, Strachan come into their own: Their ingenious wall beds can be hidden discreetly away when you’re working and the minute guests arrive, they open up to create a comfortable occasional bed in a matter of seconds. So if a visitor decides to stay over at the last minute, you can transform your study into a guest room at the drop of a hat.

Wall bed in action

Strachan wall beds convert a room in minutes

Fitted furniture in a guest room can also be designed to house your home office equipment. So when you’re ready to welcome guests, you can put your computer and printer away, close the doors and enjoy the appearance of a stylish bedroom with no work essentials in sight.

If you’re thinking a wall bed or fitted home office furniture could be the right option for your guest bedroom, it pays to speak to one of Strachan’s designers to get the very best advice on how to incorporate it into your scheme. They can offer you free, no obligation advice on combining a wall bed with other pieces of fitted bedroom furniture, to give your spare room the high-end feel your guests will love.

Space is everything
Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, from spacious new build to chocolate box country cottage, space for all your essentials is vital. Regardless, of whether your spare room is compact and bijou or impressively proportioned, you still need to make the best use of the available space, cleverly designed and fitted bedroom furniture is a great place to start.

Built-in wardrobes are a sensible way to make the very best of your space, however awkward the shape of the room is. A perfect option for guest rooms, you can ensure you have somewhere to store all your belongings, leaving just the right amount of storage space for your visitors.

If you don’t have room for fitted wardrobes, bespoke furniture like tall boys or chests of drawers and shelves can also treat a guest room to a special feel. Overnight visitors don’t always demand hanging space – but somewhere to keep their essentials ensures your room stays clutter free and they feel at home.

A look that lasts
It’s safe to say that designing a guest room that stands the test of time is a prudent choice. If you’re investing in bespoke furniture, it makes good sense to opt for a classic look that blends seamlessly into homes of any age – Shaker style for example. And when you choose the colour, think timeless options like oak or cream painted finishes that will go perfectly with any colour scheme and last for years without dating.

Keeping accessories to the minimum can be a wise choice too – a simply styled guest room will be much easier to maintain in between visitors than one packed with ornaments and fancy finishing touches – presenting a more neutral look that will appeal to guests of any age and any taste.

Verona Oak Fitted Bedroom

Shaker furniture in oak can gives classic timeless feel to your guest bedroom

There is an impressive range of classic and timeless built-in furniture collections available today, which are a perfect choice for a beautiful bespoke spare room for even the most discerning guests.

Strachan can help you realise your guest room dream
So whether you’re hoping your parents will stay for a while to help you in your baby’s first weeks, or are planning a home that welcomes friends for relaxed weekends, getting your guest room right is key to having a welcoming home.

A Strachan furniture designer

Our designers create bespoke designs for your fitted bedroom

Strachan’s team of designers and highly skilled craftsmen are experts at creating fitted bedrooms that combine practicality, luxury touches, a range of styles and finishes, and layout options. Designed and installed at no extra cost, you will enjoy exacting standards of workmanship so guests can enjoy a guest room that enhances your home and fits in perfectly with your lifestyle.

To arrange a FREE design consultation without obligation, call Strachan FREE on 0800 212 637.

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Can fitted furniture help homes sell now the property market’s on the up?

Growing momentum in the housing market has sparked renewed optimism about house prices this spring. Not only have the highest new seller asking prices been recorded in May 2013 but there’s also a dramatic increase in home searches on websites such as Rightmove, and surveyors quoted as saying they are ‘…flat out carrying out mortgage valuations…”

Compared to this time last year, sales are also happening quicker, and the average time a house is on the market is now 80 days – compared to 90 days this time last year. It seems realistic to expect, therefore, that the number of house transactions should increase throughout 2013.

Is your home ‘sale-ready’?
If you’ve been thinking about selling your house, whether you’re looking to trade up, down size or re-locate, it could be a good time to start getting your property ready for market. But to secure the best possible price for your home, start by taking a step back and looking through the eyes of your buying audience.

All about space
Making rooms look as big as possible can require simple de-cluttering – or it could be time to re-think the layout. Clearing away ornaments, streamlining accessories and a general tidy up can emphasise a feeling of space. But ensuring there’s ample storage can allow you to maximise the square footage effortlessly.

Built in furniture and fitted wardrobes are a great way to incorporate storage at the same time adding style to a room. Professionally designed fitted bedroom furniture can give your relaxing haven an airy feel. Clever home study furniture can ensure your gadgets and paperwork are kept out of sight, giving your room the illusion of spaciousness.

Optima fitted bedroom in Olive with Granadillo

Cool and contemporary with a retro twist, this fitted bedroom in Optima dark olive finish and oyster is stunning in any setting

As fitted furniture specialists, Strachan, is a great place to find inspiration. Our designers will be able to advise you on creating useful storage that not only has a place for everything, but looks fantastic. Every design consultation is free and without obligation, so you really have nothing to lose (and the possibility of a quick sale to gain!).

Take ‘you’ out of your home
Style is a very personal thing. You may love your bedroom furniture but exchanging it for timeless oak finish built-in wardrobes can broaden the appeal and bring light into the room.

Selling your home is no time to show off your strong fashion sense, either. Ultra modern may be your idea of perfection but could alienate a buyer. Think classic neutral wallpaper, light painted woodwork, simple styling details and interior colour schemes that blend seamlessly into your property.

Ramp up the ‘wow factor’
You may want to shy away from spending money on a property you’re about to sell, but investing in great quality bespoke fitted furniture could give your home the edge – adding value and increasing the ‘wow factor’ with a few carefully chosen luxury touches.

A walk in wardrobe could be a great way to turn a box room into a selling feature. Or how about a state-of-the-art home study? Perhaps a dressing room could make your home irresistible to potential buyers? Talk to Strachan’s designers and see how they could help make your property a must-have purchase.

One room, two uses
If space is at a premium in your property, what better way to persuade your potential buyers to choose your home than showing them the secret to flexible living?

A spare bedroom that doubles as an office is the most obvious choice. If you incorporate a fold down bed into a spare room, your buyers will see how quickly and easily they can transform their workspace into a stylish and comfortable guest room.

Strachan are the UK’s market leader in creating bespoke ‘Convert-A-Rooms’ – studies by day, bedrooms by night with wall beds that hide discreetly away leaving you with professional looking study furniture for a hard working home office. Why not request our no-obligation design consultation to give your property a distinctive twist that buyers could find hard to resist?

Make your property move with a little help from Strachan
With a more buoyant housing market, it could be a great time to think about selling your home. Built-in furniture is a fantastic way to organise your rooms, enhance the feeling of space and add luxury touches, and Strachan are perfectly placed to help you get the best possible price for your home.

Creating lasting pieces of high-end furniture and brilliantly designed storage, Strachan’s highly-skilled craftsmen will install your fitted furniture absolutely free. So why not take advantage of a free design consultation and discover how you could make the best investment to help your property sell?

To arrange a FREE design consultation without obligation, call Strachan FREE on 0800 212 637.

*Data from The Rightmove House Price Index, 20th May 2013

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Introducing Ultimo Dressing Room and Walk in Wardrobe

How special does your bedroom furniture make you feel each morning?
How do you feel when you wake up and open your eyes? Does your bedroom furniture and décor make you want to bounce out of bed, excited about choosing an outfit for the day ahead? We think your home should make every day feel special, whether you’re heading out for a day at the office or a day at the races. And with this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Ultimo, a new exclusive contemporary dressing room and walk in wardrobe range that would make the most demanding of celebrities feel like royalty.

Our Ultimo dressing Room is an exquisite vision in its Aura finish, and our Walk in Wardrobe is pure luxury in a Pearl finish. Ultra modern and perfect for a contemporary home, we feel the sleek and opulent Ultimo will certainly make every day feel extra special. But just how do you choose between dressing rooms and walk in wardrobes?

Strachan Ultimo dressing room in Aura finish

Ultimo dressing room in Aura finish

First of all, it’s a matter of space. If you have a spare room that isn’t necessarily adjacent to your bedroom, then an elegant dressing room could be for you. This means all your dressing and grooming can take place away from your bedroom, so that your partner is not disturbed if you start your day at different times. With more space your dressing room furniture can include a dressing table and seating to make it more luxurious. If you have a box room close to your bedroom, then you may feel a walk in wardrobe is better for you. Being close by, you can then take your outfit back to your bedroom to finish dressing.

Ultimo walk in wardrobe in Pearl finish

Ultimo walk in wardrobe in Pearl finish

Made to fit you
When considering ideas for your dressing room or walk in wardrobe, you need to think about your lifestyle. Do you have dinner suits and evening gowns that you prefer to hang full length? Do you prefer your shirts to be hung up or folded neatly? Do you have more formal wear than casual clothes? How many pairs of shoes or boots do you own? Do you have lots of items you’d like to store out of the way? Your designer will take these into account when creating the design of your room.

Ultimo glass fronted drawers in Pearl finish

Ultimo glass fronted drawers in Pearl finish

Of course, when you commission a bespoke furniture maker like Strachan you can be sure that it will fit like a glove and be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Clever design details make all the difference
If you need double hanging space, we can provide single height rails that can be pulled down to make them easier to reach. And for your bags and accessories… we’ll treat each one with the utmost respect and can provide glass topped compartments to keep them clean and on display. We can also include elegantly gliding trays and racks for even the most outstanding shoe collection. And to make sure you’re looking your best, our concealed full length mirror takes up no space whatsoever, yet pulls out easily for one final check before you leave the house.

Ultimo pull out hanging rails in Pearl finish

Ultimo pull out hanging rails in Pearl finish

Having a dressing room or walk in wardrobe made exclusively for you by Strachan could be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Not just because it will make every day feel truly special, but because it could even increase the value of your home.

To find out more without any obligation, we are happy to arrange a FREE design consultation for you. Please call us FREE on 0800 212 367.

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Dressing room or walk in wardrobe – is there any difference?

There is nothing that gets the hearts of homeowners fluttering more than having their own elegant dressing room or walk in wardrobe. But what’s the difference?
Is it all down to how much you want to spend, or simply what you want to call it? When you start to look at what is available, you soon see there’s a real difference.

Walk into a walk-in wardrobe
A walk-in wardrobe is no more a dressing room than an en-suite is a bathroom. Unlike a dedicated dressing room, a walk-in wardrobe is often a smaller or box room adjoining the bedroom or an area of the bedroom that may be partitioned off specifically with fitted wardrobes in mind.
Walk in wardrobes like fitted wardrobes can be fitted floor to ceiling to maximises every inch of space, right down to overhead storage for out of season outfits.

Walk In Wardrobe Djon Walnut Finish

Romano Walk In Wardrobe in Djon Walnut Finish

Dream of a dressing room
If you have more space available, you may want to indulge yourself with a fully fitted dressing room. Imagine floor to ceiling wardrobes with full length and double hanging rails, and a whole host of storage options designed to match your lifestyle. Dressing rooms can be as opulent and as practical as you want and can include storage islands with padded seating and built in dressing tables with mirrors. Professionally fitted, your dressing room design should provide everything you desire to get dressed and groomed for the day ahead. You can even build in storage for an ironing board so that you can take care of your clothes in one space. His and her dressing rooms are becoming more popular as more and more of us strive to keep the bedroom as a place to relax.

Dressing room in Romano Maple Finish

Strachan Fitted Dressing room in Romano Maple Finish

Planning your space
Before you call the designers in, here are a few tips to consider:
• Do you have space to include seating or a bespoke storage island? If not, walk in wardrobes may suit you better.
• If you haven’t worn an outfit for a year or two, give it to charity. There’s no point paying for storage for items you don’t need.
• Separate your clothes into different areas of your life as this can help you think about the number of compartments you may need in your fitted wardrobes.
• Look at how much of your clothing needs to be hung full length, which items can be hung folded and how many clothes you have that can be stored in drawers.
• Don’t forget about your jewellery, belts, ties, accessories and footwear. They will need accommodating too.

More and more people are making radical changes to their homes to improve their lifestyles. And with so many exciting options available you’ll be surprised at the difference a walk in wardrobe or dressing room will make to you and your partner.

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