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Fitted Alcove Wardrobe Solution

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are the key to clean, contemporary lines

Our customer's brief

A carefully considered wardrobe renovation

Our customer was renovating a flat in North Yorkshire. He wanted to maintain the bedroom’s existing floor space while maximising storage. The old built-in wardrobes were unsightly and in a state of disrepair. They were fitted across shallow alcoves, which when removed revealed very uneven edges to the openings. He contacted Strachan for a free appraisal of what could be done.

Case study showing fitted wardrobes
Case study showing open fitted wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobe design

Storage space

We knew that bespoke fitted wardrobes would provide more storage space than our customer thought possible. Due to the shallow depth of the alcoves, we amended the wardrobe construction to omit the wardrobe back panels to maximise the internal hanging space and made extended length doors for easy access to the entire storage area.

Modern styles that stand the test of time

Perfect finish

It was important that the flat was appealing to the variety of tenants that our customer could let to. That’s why he chose our contemporary Toscana range in a subtle yet warming Uno Walnut finish. The simple lines and charming wood grain means that the wardrobes suit almost everyone’s tastes.

Case study showing wardrobe handle detail
Case study showing internal detail of fitted wardrobe

Additions that make a big difference

The little details

While the external wardrobe considered careful thought, the interior was equally as important. The wardrobes in both the double and single bedrooms both include double hanging rails, an overhead shelving space and a mirror attached to the inside door, to make getting ready a straightforward process.

Features that work for you

Adjustable living

Strachan also considered the fact that various tenants would have differing wardrobe requirements. In order to meet all of them, we decided to make the interior fittings, including the double hanging space, adjustable. This allows any of their tenants to tailor the storage specifically to their needs.

Case study showing wardrobe hanging space
Case study showing wardrobe frame

Flush fitting frame

Clean lines

In addition to the wardrobes themselves, we also designed a frame in the same style and finish to surround the wardrobe carcase. This not only created a streamlined effect, it also had the added benefit of concealing the uneven openings, affording a flush, fitted look from floor to ceiling.

Drawing up your dream home

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