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A classic bespoke cloakroom design

Practical fitted furniture

Our customer’s brief

A spacious cloakroom for the home

Our customer contacted us as they wanted to repurpose their children’s playroom and were short of space to accommodate their coats and shoes.  Our designer worked with our customers to design this highly functional Verona cloakroom completed in our Painted Truffle and Matte Truffle finishes with optimal storage solutions.

A considered approach

Optimum overhead storage

To increase the storage options in the cloakroom, our team added overhead storage cabinets to the fitted furniture design. This practical feature enabled the customer to add their storage boxes to this space, and personal items to be displayed, giving the furniture a homely touch.

Built-in practicality

Deep shoe storage shelves

With a substantial shoe collection to accommodate, built-in shoe storage shelves formed an integral part of the cloakroom design. Fitted beneath the seating and worktop areas, the symmetrical arrangement of cabinets made a functional yet aesthetically pleasing use of space that met the brief.

Signature finishing touches

Contemporary steel handles

At Strachan, we only use materials of the highest quality; it’s what helps us achieve our trademark luxurious finish. Our designer used Brushed Steel Milano bar handles in this cloakroom to tie the classic look together and create a timeless, neutral space that acts as a practical yet beautiful feature. Combined with highly durable hooks for jackets and coats, both accessories complement the warm tones of the furniture.

A luxurious finish

Beautiful Verona design

The combination of Verona’s Painted Truffle exterior and Matte Truffle interior finishes certainly added a luxurious, soft and chic touch to the cloakroom, which was an important part of our customer's brief. The classic look worked seamlessly with the remainder of the home, allowing this fitted furniture design to complement the customer’s general interior aesthetic.

A classic touch

Modern wall panelling

With wall panelling being a strong interior trend and typically a feature of boot room and cloakroom design, the classic style wall panelling incorporated within the design, finished in Painted Truffle, allowed us to create a timeless feature to complement and blend seamlessly with the overall design aesthetic.

Innovative design features

Adjustable shelving

We built adjustable shelving into the full-height cupboards to allow the customer to adjust the shelving to suit their requirements. It was important for the cloakroom to be adaptable for the customer as the years pass, and adjustable shelving was just one way to guarantee this. Depending on the item that needs to be stored, the customer has the flexibility to make the furniture work for them on a continual basis.


Fitted with care

Soft-close doors

All our doors are fitted on soft-close hinges, adding to the luxury finish of the overall cloakroom installation.

Stamp of approval

Our signature Strachan finish

We are proud of our luxury fitted furniture, and we want every Strachan customer to be proud to be one; that’s why we add our personal touch to every project. With our logo printed on every hinge installed and a personalised installation plaque added to the space, it’s a true celebration of our expert craftsmanship.

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