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A cutting edge reception, office and boardroom

Sleek and stylish

Our customer’s brief

A cutting edge office

A company in Essex approached us with a commercial project. They requested we create a contemporary and cutting edge furniture suite for their reception area, boardroom and office. Their local Strachan designer chose the clean, modern lines of the Portofino range, finished in striking Aura and High Gloss Black finish to achieve their desired aesthetic.

Attention to detail

Bespoke and modern chrome plinth

The reception desk was finished with a brushed stainless steel plinth mould to the front which ran parallel to the LED strip lighting at the top. This contrasts against the dark tones of the Aura finish and adds additional modern charm to the bespoke fitted furniture.  

Lustrous finishes

High gloss drawer fronts

The working area of the reception desk was designed with three drawers complete with a soft close function as standard. These provide storage space for documents, correspondences and stationary and were finished in an on trend High Gloss Black finish.

Stylish additions

LED strip lighting

In order to add visual interest to the desk and create a cutting edge aesthetic, we installed LED strip lighting to the reception desk. This was integrated below the worktop and beautifully highlights the characterful Aura wood grain finish.

Effortless organisation

Internal filing system

The desk design included extra deep drawers with a built in filing system to allow for easy organisation of documents and correspondence. The drawers are fitted on soft close runners as standard and ensures smooth operation.

Statement designs

High level peninsular reception desk

We crafted a bespoke desk that utilised the reception area of the office. This featured a peninsular design with a generously sized desk space and a high level frontage, providing a worktop at the appropriate height for visitors to use.

Modern details

Chrome edge handles

Simple and understated edge handles were fitted to the cabinet door and drawer fronts. The chrome finish of these handles keeps the appearance of the units as minimalist as possible.

Uniquely crafted

Bespoke 10 sided table

Our expert craftsmen created a ten sided boardroom desk. This was made from a spider frame construction and comprised of five different sections. This bespoke design also delivers generous leg space for comfort and an aesthetically appealing look.

Precisely fitted

Unit fitted to alcove

An alcove in the boardroom was utilised with low level cabinets. These were scribed to the skirting board for a seamless finish and delivered additional storage and worktop space.

Bespoke measurements

Framed around mounted TV

The unit was meticulously measured to beautifully frame the mounted TV. This was required for presentations, with the centred display area and surrounding Aura shelving instantly drawing focus to the screen.

Integrated technology

Automated power and USB port access

The centre of the desk was fitted with a shaped cut out section, finished with a High Gloss Black worktop. Fully automated, an internal pillar is operated via a handset to raise up and deliver access to matching High Gloss Black plugs and USB ports.

Utilising space

Overhead cabinets

The unit was configured with overhead cabinets utilising all available space. These were fitted with High Gloss Black finished fronts and minimalist chrome edge handles for an on trend aesthetic. The interior features a shelf to deliver optimal storage space.

Thoughtful features

Power point access

The worktop was fitted with convenient flush fitted cable ports for easier power point access. The brushed finished ports provide easy access to plug sockets, helping to keep the desk space effortlessly clear and organised.

Stylish and spacious

Angular peninsular desk

The office was fitted with two peninsular work desks for both the director’s use and to accommodate any professional visitors. Both desks featured a spacious worktop and a combination of drawers, file drawers and open shelving in order to provide an organised working area.

Discreet storage

Hidden kneehole drawer

A kneehole drawer was hidden behind a flush fitting, Aura finished front. This provided the client with discreet storage and the ideal place to store important documents close to hand.

Clever configurations

Additional built-in storage

An additional unit was fitted against the back wall in a matching style and finish. This provided a variety of different storage solutions to suit their professional needs, including drawers, various height cabinets and a slide out shelf, which is ideal for use with printers and scanners.

Versatile solutions

Low level storage

A combination of low-level storage was integrated into the boardroom furniture. These included a selection of cabinets and drawers, which featured a soft close function as standard. These were finished in the matching High Gloss Black with chrome edge handles to achieve a seamless finish.

Integrated appliances

Integrated fridge with ventilation

Employees in the office required storage for their food and beverages. In order to accommodate these, the unit was fitted with an integrated fridge. This was finished in a co-ordinating High Gloss Black frontage for an uninterrupted look, chrome vents were fitted to allow a consistent air flow.

Expertly crafted

Multi-level design

The director’s office furniture was fitted with a combination of high and low-level storage. These included cabinets at various heights, together with floor to ceiling cupboards on either side. Not only did this create an appealing symmetrical appearance, but it also delivered a variety of storage options required to meet the customer’s needs.

Created for convenience

Glass fronted cabinet

The centre cabinet was fitted with a glass front. This was tinted black to tie in with the surrounding High Gloss Black fascia’s and allows the customer to remotely control the television from the comfort of their seat.

Built-in technology

Integrated fridge

An additional unit was fitted to an alcove in the office, complete with a combination of cabinets, drawers and an integrated fridge. A built-in ventilation system allowed for a consistent airflow and uninterrupted operation of the appliance, while a High Gloss Black finished door was fitted which seamlessly tied in with the rest of the office design.

Practical additions

Open shelving for documents

Open shelving was also crafted onto the corner of the desk design. With full depth and a narrow height, these shelves are the perfect place for the customer to store papers and documents conveniently close to their workspace.

Consistent aesthetics

Matching interior storage

The interior of the office cupboards were fitted with thoughtfully configured storage solutions in a matching Aura wood grain finish. An interior 3 drawer chest was crafted, providing a considerable amount of storage space. This featured a soft close function as standard, together with modern chrome rounded handles.

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