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A unique library design

In a Mellow Oak Finish

Our customer’s brief

A unique library design

Our customers requested that our talented designers create a unique traditional library design for their Newmarket home. As well as housing their literary collection and memorabilia, the furniture design was to create a focal point of an unexpected and unusual feature of the room: a 36 metre deep well that was discovered during renovations of their 400 year old house.

Dual level floor storage

Multi-depth shelving

Strachan’s expert designers were able to design the perfect solution for the challenges of this trapezoid shaped floor space, split over two levels with steps down to the lower floor with the circular well. The bespoke bookcases included shelving of various heights and depths, fitted across the steps and change in floor levels, delivering a seamless solution that still allowed for a generous amount of storage for our customer’s beloved literary collection.

Curved bookcases

Shelving shaped around a well and split level floor

The curved bookcase design around the well comprised of three uniquely shaped bookcases, incorporating curved bookcase shelves radiused from the centre point of the well to frame and draw attention to it. This made a focal point of the room’s main feature and invited users of the library to select a book from the shelves while standing directly over the clear glass covering the opening of the well. Not a design for the faint hearted!

Easy access to electric controls

Discreet bespoke access panel

This bespoke library bookcase design also accommodated a discreet removable panel to provide access to the controls for the winch motor which was connected to the lighting for cleaning purposes. This practical feature is neatly incorporated within the end of the cupboard storage, creating a convenient access point without interrupting the aesthetic of the furniture.

Craftmanship and precision

Curved solid oak worktop mouldings

The seamless continuation of the bespoke shaped worktops fitted above the curved bookcase units and adjacent fitted cupboards define and subtly transition the split-level floor spaces. This creates a distinct harmony as well as the perfect surface for the customer to display their photos, collections and treasured possessions in pride of place.

Crafted from real wood

Finished in Mellow Oak

The warm tones of the Mellow Oak finish creates a charming and traditional style throughout this bespoke library, featuring solid wood drawer and door fronts. This beautifully complements the Shades of Oak design and sturdy character of the existing ceiling beams and window frames in the room.

Elegant displays

Glass fronted cupboard doors

The library design also incorporated a generous combination of traditionally styled cabinets. These featured display cabinets with statement break fronted pilasters, along with a variety of bookcase shelving and low level storage cupboards. The multi-paned glass doors provide an ideal display area, with internal glass shelving and LED downlighting creating a feature highlight.

Traditional detailing

Dentil mould cornicing

Our Shades of Oak range has beautiful traditional features that are carefully created by our skilled craftsmen. This includes profiled cornice with dentil moulding as featured on the cornicing above the bookcases and display cabinets. Alongside the detailed door stile profiles and moulded pilasters, this wonderfully showcases Strachan’s expert attention to detail.

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