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Personalising your Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke furniture designs can offer a lot of benefits to your home. Tailored storage spaces give you added convenience while our stylish designs can improve the aesthetics and atmosphere of your home.

Although there are a lot of different wood and painted finishes to choose from, it can be difficult to feel that your bespoke furniture is unique to you when you are limited to a selection of designs.

A selection of Strachan door handles

A selection of exclusive Strachan door knobs


We offer a wide choice of furniture, picked to complement modern and period homes alike, while suiting a variety of tastes. However, with bespoke furniture pieces it’s nice to add your own personality.

That’s why we give you the choice of finishing touches to truly personalise your fitted furniture designs. These can include everything from handles to LED lighting features or co-ordinated soft furnishings.

In addition to these design details, you can also choose bespoke finishes for your furniture such as a painted colour wash. Although our collections also feature an array of wood grains and colours, from bright whites to muted shades, Strachan understands that your home’s interior is designed to suit your tastes. Therefore, you can order furniture that is finished in the colour of your choice, uniquely finished to match your walls, carpets or existing furniture.

Contemporary coloured glass sliding wardrobe doors

Our sliding doors are available in wood, coloured glass and mirrored finishes

Detail of tie rack in Ultimo walk in wardrobe

Our clever storage features will keep you effortlessly organised


Once your furniture has been tailored to your space and finished in your chosen colour, you can then start to pick out the little details that make such a big difference. Our exclusive selection of handles and doorknobs, as well as a choice of wood, coloured glass or mirrored soft-close sliding doors, ensures there is something for everyone.

You can also configure your fitted furniture to suit your needs, for example you can include adjustable hanging rails or pull-out shoe trays in your walk-in wardrobe or clever filing drawers in your home office. Every part of your bespoke Strachan furniture is designed to make your home life comfortable and more convenient.

It’s about more than just staying organised though. With Strachan, there are a number of beautiful finishing touches that will really make your room stand out from the crowd. You can have contemporary glass shelves in your home office, matching stools and chairs in your dressing room or stunning LED uplighting in your lounge.

Traditional fitted furniture in master bedroom

Traditional details and pediments can make a big impact


If you want a more dramatic traditional statement, then our fitted wardrobes are designed to make a visual impact, featuring intricate cornice mould and profiled plinth mould. Pediments are an instant way to add grand aesthetics to your bedroom suite, while pull out pilasters can be included in your vanity unit to offer additional subtle storage.

Your home is all about you, so at Strachan we give you all the tools you need to personalise our fine furniture to your tastes and fit it in perfectly to your lifestyle.

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