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Our Six New Shades

Soft, subtle colour palettes were a big hit last year and are pegged to remain a major interior design trend throughout 2015. Creams and greys are starting to emerge on walls across the country, working as both an elegant, understated finish or being successfully paired with accent colours.

It’s not difficult to see why greys, off-whites and neutral greens are proving so popular. These shades offer a lot of versatility, beautifully complementing modern and period properties alike. They are also easily paired with a selection of fabrics, materials and colours for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Strachan is always striving to offer on trend designs, which is why we have launched six stunning new shades. These include Almond, Truffle, Cashmere, Imperial Grey, Palace Grey and Sage. We have carefully selected these, not only for their current chic but for their timeless appeal too.

Here’s a quick guide on how to successfully incorporate these refined tones into your home.


Almond is the brightest of our new collection. This subtle off-white lends itself to any style or space. When coupled with metallic finishes, another big trend for this year, it creates an up to date modern atmosphere. This tone works best with darker greys or accent blues and greens. This adaptable shade also pairs wonderfully with any wood, but really comes into its element with darker grains.


Our new Truffle shade has a lot of character and works exceptionally well in contemporary spaces. It lends itself well to natural colours, such as browns, whites and even pastel yellows, for a calming, rustic inspired interior. This deep grey tone is especially appealing when coupled with any of our Oak fitted furniture.


Cashmere really lives up to its name, with soft and warming tones that evoke a luxurious feel. When paired with the deep American Black Walnut fitted wardrobes, this colour will create a tastefully refined bedroom. Cashmere’s understated tone means it will go with almost any colour, but it looks especially striking aside deep greys, navy blue and black.

Imperial Grey

Our new Imperial Grey shade has the benefit of not suffering from seasonality. It remains a classic look all year round and will stand the test of time, no matter what textures or colours you pair it with. It looks particularly pleasing when coupled with a bright white, whether on two-toned shelving units or as the backboard on white bookcases. It’s hard to go wrong with this enduring finish.

Palace Grey

Palace Grey sits somewhere between a light grey and a darker cream and is ideal as a beautiful backdrop for bright soft furnishings or statement coloured walls. Grey bedroom furniture is always easy to work with and Palace Grey is no exception. It matches well with subtle, pastel shades but is equally stunning with monochrome.


This new shade is evidence that minimal elegance is not exclusive to whites and greys. Sage has a real earthy charm to it and evokes a natural, tranquil feel when applied to any setting. Green home office furniture may not sound like your first choice, but when you see the unique wood grain of Driftwood aside the sophisticated Sage, you’ll see green in a whole new light.

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