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Loft Bedroom Ideas

Lofts are spaces brimming with potential, and with more UK homeowners choosing to upgrade rather than move, it’s easily becoming a number one home improvement. But unlike a normal room in your home, styling your loft bedroom needs a more considered approach. Freestanding furniture is much harder to use when you have to contend with beams, supports and low, sloping ceilings. Fitted furniture is an ideal approach to give loft rooms the storage they need. So, if you need inspiration, let Strachan give you some food for thought:

  1. Define multiple zones with different floor levels
    A building with extra tall roof space is the perfect opportunity for a multi-level loft room. Installing a mezzanine floor creates architectural interest, as well as defining different spaces. This attic bedroom design creates a cosy reading room and spacious dressing area without sacrificing wardrobe or drawer storage, keeping the room tranquil and clutter free.Alto fitted bedroom in English Oak
  2. Embrace the architecture
    Exposed beams add character and warmth to this traditional loft bedroom conversion. Fitted cabinets and a made to measure bedroom suite match the stripped oak finish of the roof architecture. The simple white and stripped oak theme is carried through into the ensuite bathroom, where a low-level built-in cupboard doubles as useful seating while housing towels and toiletries.Case study showing desk and wardrobe in loft conversion
  3. Create a master bedroom with a statement bath
    Attic rooms often enjoy a degree of natural privacy, making them ideal for creating a secluded bedroom retreat. This opulent master loft bedroom includes a lavish freestanding bath, contemporary chandelier and grandiose bed frame. The grandness of these fittings are tempered with tastefully wood-grained custom wardrobes which frame an open walk through to a separate ensuite space subtly fitted with matching bespoke cupboards and shelving.
  4. Clear your head with clutter free minimalism
    Choosing full height slab style fitted wardrobes makes the room look fabulously sleek and uncluttered. Paired with matching bespoke chests of drawers and a few well-chosen accessories, a loft bedroom like this shows that simplicity has a beauty all of its own.
  5. Prepare for the day in natural light
    The extra natural light and space a dormer window creates is an ideal place for your dressing table and mirror, perfect for your daily grooming routine.
  6. Consider materials that open up the space
    Mirrors are a great way of making a room feel larger and more open. Here, a strategically placed dressing table with a large mirror provides a sense of airiness in a low ceilinged attic bedroom.
  7. Create drama with lighting
    For a more expressive bedroom interior, try adding a touch of drama to your loft space. In this contemporary loft bedroom design, blue LED backlighting behind cutting edge smoked glass sliding wardrobe doors makes a bold statement.
  8. Pay attention to proportions
    A lower height bed can work better when sited under eaves and make the overall space feel taller. Strachan can make bespoke beds to fit the eave space and match it to your chosen bedroom furniture style and finish.
    Floating bedside tables provide handy space and storage in tight eave spaces while still looking airy and uncluttered.Case study showing drawer in bedside table
  9. Partition your loft bedroom with fitted wardrobes
    This cleverly designed loft conversion uses floor to ceiling built-in wardrobes to divide the space into a tranquil master bedroom and coordinating ensuite concealed by bespoke matching doors when closed.
  10. Incorporate a pop-up TV into bespoke cabinets
    TV technology rarely blends well with the soft lines and colours of a bedroom design, however including entertainment doesn’t always have to interrupt the flow of your boudoir furniture. Strachan can incorporate a discreet pop-up mechanism into bespoke cabinets enabling you to watch movies on demand.

    Loft bedroom furniture by Strachan

    If these ideas have whetted your appetite to transform your loft into a blissful bedroom, get in touch with our design experts at Strachan. We offer free, no-obligation consultations where we can discuss what options would suit your space and make sure you’re making the most of the available room. Our design consultants will run through all the options with you, so you can choose finishes and fixtures that will give your loft space that 5-star feel.

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