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Easy Ways to Bring a Touch of Romance into your Home

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many of us will be looking to indulge in all things romantic. While our partners are the objects of our affections at this time of the year, it’s also a great excuse to show our homes a little love too.

Creating a romantic atmosphere doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, and these small changes can help to improve your interior design all year round. Here are some simple ways to bring a touch of romance into your home.

Set the mood with ambient lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to set the tone, but we often neglect it when it comes to decorating. Candles are often a popular Valentine’s decoration, but there are some other, more permanent lighting solutions that can effortlessly create ambience.

Heart shaped candle formation

Candles create a romantic atmosphere

Dimmers can be easily installed onto electric lights and gives you far greater control over your room’s lighting. This is not only a good idea for mood lighting, but can also be great for adjusting light levels to suit whatever activity you may be doing, whether it’s reading, watching a film or just relaxing. If you don’t want all the hassle of installing a dimmer, then you can achieve a similar effect with paper shades on table lamps.

Add a splash of red

Red is the universal colour of love, which is why it makes such a prominent appearance around February 14th. It also happens to be a major interior design trend of 2015, and one that can be beautifully dramatic when applied right.

Red contemporary sliding wardrobe doors

Strachan sliding wardrobe doors in red

Just a small amount of red can make a big impact, so you don’t need to cover every wall in it. Instead, try painting a statement wall in warm, autumnal shades of red or opt for bright red soft furnishing to bring an accent colour to rooms finished in understated shades.

Slip onto something more comfortable

Your home reflects your taste in style, but it offers you a place to relax and unwind as well. Your sofa may look attractive, but if it’s not comfortable to sit on then are you really enjoying it?

Scatter cushions and throw on sofa

Add throws and cushions to your sofa

Soft cushions and throws can make your chairs, sofas and bed that much more inviting. Better still, they are also one of the easiest ways to accessorise your room. These little extras can help tie in your whole room’s design scheme and introduce a pop of colour into your bedroom or lounge space.

Stimulate your senses

Decorating your home is not only about the way it looks. Remember to consider your other senses as well. While you may be buying beautiful flowers and perfume for Valentine’s Day, those welcoming scents are nice to have all year round too.

A bouquet of pink and white roses

Freshen up your home with flowers

Try burning scented candles and incense in your home to create a relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, plug-in odour dispensers can be an easier solution for keeping your rooms smelling fresher for longer. Filling your home with your favourite scents is just one little way to make such a big difference to your everyday living.

Celebrate love

Whether it’s your partner, your children, your friends or even your pet, decorating your home with reminders of your loved ones is a great way to personalise your space.

Family portrait gallery wall

Picture galleries are a major trend

Framing photos of holidays or special occasions will make your home feel more unique and welcoming. Gallery walls are a popular decorating trend and are a great way to incorporate all those memories in a stylish way. You could even take it one step further and hang a printed canvas of a family portrait, a wedding snap or your fluffy friend. It’s all about celebrating what matters to you.

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