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Why invest in made-to-measure bookcases & shelving?

For book enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than having a cosy reading corner crammed full of classic novels or enthralling non-fiction. But before you enthuse over rearranging your collection in alphabetical order, you should consider how made-to-measure bookcases can enhance the storage of your home library set up with lifestyle benefits compared to alternatives, such as freestanding furniture.

Custom made shelves offer unparalleled visual impact and practicality, all with an aesthetic that harmonises with your surroundings. But the benefits don’t end there. There are more plus points to fitted shelving than you may realise…

Perfectly fits into any space

The main reason anyone invests in bespoke fitted furniture is because they know it’s being designed by experts to neatly fit around every contour of the room. It might be to fit in alcoves either side of your fireplace or maybe you need made-to-measure shelving units in a loft space with a sloping roof.

We’re a historic nation with a plethora of home styles ranging from the newly built to others that are hundreds of years old, so when your rooms have character, fitted furniture will always offer that flexibility. It’s also important to consider that freestanding bookcases sometimes won’t fit into the space available or if they do, they can leave unsightly gaps to the walls which collect dust – just more reasons to seek a custom option.

Infinitely configurable

A custom storage solution means that everything will be designed to fit around you, the end user. Our Strachan design consultants listen to what you want and use that information to create a visualisation of what your storage could look like, based on what would suit your home.

You can choose from suspended shelves, glass door cabinets, drawers, and open or door-fronted bookcases in any combination to achieve the look you need. If you want to add a little drama, you can choose integrated LED lighting to make your books, ornaments or accessories feature more prominently. This variety of storage options allows you to showcase the objects you want, whilst neatly storing away other more functional items.

Provides a fully uniform look

To achieve the same effect with freestanding furniture, you may end up having to purchase a lot of disparate pieces of shelving and this rarely makes for a visually cohesive interior. With a dresser here, a glass-fronted cupboard there and some modular shelving in between, your room can quickly start to look bitty and fragmented. The beauty of custom made bookcases is that all elements of the design will have the same quality finish and allow the look to flow pleasingly throughout the space.

Maximises storage potential

Unlike standalone furniture, bespoke fitted furniture will help you to re-evaluate what you see as usable storage space. Let’s say you have an unutilised wall space above the door of your office. In most instances, this area tends to go unnoticed by virtue of its nature,  However, with made-to-measure shelving, you can utilise this space by creating bookcases that bridge the doorway to form a wall to wall bookcase design and make that once useless space now an integral part of your room layout.

The same can be said for under-window areas. If it’s not being used, why not turn it into a built-in seating area with integrated bookcases to really make your snug reading annex feel romantic. Make better use of every square inch with custom made storage.

Creates impressive interiors

If the images above haven’t already convinced you, made-to-measure shelving units will always create a luxurious atmosphere, no matter whether you’re going with a traditional or modern design. A completely customised home library design can be breath-taking to look at and completely transform the atmosphere of the space. Traditional style shelving can make rooms feel warm and restful, whereas a more modern design might make your reading space feel fresh and invigorating. Either way, it will always leave a lasting impression.

Lounge cabinets with bookcases

Fitted storage in the form of beautifully crafted display cabinets have multiple benefits in a home. An integrated aesthetic certainly allows for convenient storage, but in a way that has been meticulously designed to add an element of style. Whether cabinets are desired for storing books, ornaments or to house private documents and possessions, aligning the design of the display shelves with the appearance of existing bookcases ties the look of the home together with ease, and creates a charming, and complimentary appearance in one space. Every piece of Strachan furniture comes with a 10-year guarantee, providing extra peace of mind that the luxury quality of every creation can be trusted with confidence.

Ready to find out the joys of made to measure bookshelves for yourself? Order our brochure today for more inspiration or contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation design consultation.

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Why invest in made-to-measure bookcases & shelving?


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