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6 tips to make your home office productive

Create your dream home office with Strachan

Think back to March 2020 when working from home was a phenomenon we were struggling to get our heads around, and now in current times a home office is a welcomed addition to any modern home. Hybrid working in particular is the future of home working which is why having a comfortable and productive space to work in is so important.

For people using home offices on a regular basis, office furniture should be a careful consideration, as the right furniture can help make your home office a space where you can thrive. The Strachan family have been making luxury fitted furniture for over six decades and have developed an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience over that time. Our expert team of designers will carefully consider our range of fitted furniture to use it in a way that will truly enhance your home.

Looking for inspiration that will improve your working-from-home space? Here are 6 tips to make your home office more productive…

1. Create a completely bespoke home office

Every Strachan project starts with a free of charge, no obligation home consultation. This is no different for a home office. The consultation allows our designers to discover what you are looking for and discuss how our extensive range of fitted furniture can work for you. Creating a bespoke home office means that you have a space that suits you, your job and your home. As you will be spending a working day in your home office or home library, it’s essential that it meets all of your needs.

2. Optimise your storage

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes, so working with bespoke office furniture is key. If your home office is on the smaller side, you need to optimise your storage solutions to make them work for you. Our Toscana range covers every last detail including sliding cupboards, floating shelves, and additional cabinets for storing documents, but also tidying away equipment once the working day is done.

3. Focus on the office furniture

Think about any office you have ever worked in. Desks, chairs, laptop stands, and every piece of furniture and accessory is there to make you comfortable and boost your productivity. The most integral part of a home office is the furniture, which helps you build good posture – something high on the priority list for productive home working. Classic or contemporary, Strachan offers bespoke desks, including sit stand desks, slide-out shelves and so much more.

4. Add ambient home office lighting

Our previous home office transformations have all included a focus on lighting. On a more traditional project, we installed LED lighting to create eyeline features within the room and draw attention to key items. Features like this within the design put you in control of your productivity, and our designers can add lighting strategically around home offices to suit you and your working style.

5. Make it multifunctional

Modern working and modern living require rooms that need to be home offices but also bedrooms, lounges or features within other areas of the home, for example under hallway staircases.  As fitted furniture experts, we understand the importance of multifunctional homes. From our innovative storage solutions to completely bespoke wall beds, we are able to design a home office that is not only productive and efficient but also what you have always imagined.

6. Complement the interior décor of your home

Your home office can be created to complement the interior design style of the rest of your home. It supports that feeling of familiarity, meaning that you are comfortable in your own home but committed to the style you love. The Strachan Way means delivering fine fitted furniture to suit your existing style and space.

Build the perfect office furniture

Office furniture is so much more than ‘just office furniture’. It helps to create the perfect home office to suit you and your time working at home. Bespoke fitted furniture outperforms alternative freestanding desks and drawers as it puts you in complete control, not only in terms of appearance but also experience. Our expert designers undertake meticulous planning to ensure this is covered and that you are left with a home office that you love.

Strachan fitted furniture is luxurious, imaginative and elegant. Our personalised service starts from the very first step; our free-of-charge home consultations. They allow us to understand what you need, and you can start to imagine how it could look. The possibilities are endless. Our extensive range of bespoke fitted office furniture includes everything from bespoke desking, filing and archive storage, as well as slide-out shelving to easily access equipment. From bookworms with extensive collections to filing fanatics that need a place for every document, we can make your perfect office furniture a reality.


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