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Solid Oak Doors with Burr Veneer Centre Panels

When you have an item of antique furniture that you have treasured for years, it can hold a lot of sentimental value. This can pose something of a dilemma when it comes to refitting bedroom furniture and wanting your new pieces to match seamlessly with your precious antiques.

That’s the issue that one recent valued Strachan customer faced. They wanted to improve their home with the addition of luxury fitted wardrobes that would blend effortlessly with their exquisite burr walnut furniture. Luckily for them, Strachan was able to help. Our time-honoured craftsmen relished the opportunity and worked hard to create the co-ordinated and bespoke room that the client had their heart set on.

Detail of Walnut burr wardrobe veneer

Detail of Oak burr wardrobe veneer


Burr walnut furniture has been admired for centuries, thanks to its rich, intricately figured pattern. These are created by irregular growths on the trunk or branches that they are cut from. This growth forms only a small part of the tree, therefore only a specific part of the tree can be used in the creation of burr pieces. This ensures that each burr veneer is highly valuable, desirable and absolutely unique.

Due to the limited size of each burr, the real skill is in matching individual pieces together to make them suitable for larger furniture items. This naturally lends an air of exclusivity to the material, with antique pieces fetching huge price tags. In 2010, the Antiques Trade Gazette reported that a burr walnut writing desk was sold at auction, commanding a final, incredible bid of £80,000, marking a record for that day.

Whilst burr wood has always been popular, the style enjoyed something of a renaissance in the glory days of the Art Deco period. From the 1930s to the 1950s, famous furniture makers, Harry and Lou Epstein experimented with burr maple, sycamore and walnut to create their signature custom-made pieces of furniture, desired by collectors the world over. Nowadays, a beautifully finished piece of burr veneer is as contemporary as it was back then.

Bespoke Oak burr wardrobe in Strachan factory

Bespoke Oak burr wardrobe in Strachan factory


As you would expect, nothing less than a perfect match between the antique pieces and Strachan’s new built in bedroom furniture would be acceptable. Our customer service team spent a great deal of time with the customer, presenting them with a huge range of samples to view alongside the original antiques. This attention to detail allowed us to achieve a perfect colour match between the beloved burr walnut furniture and our bespoke wardrobes.

Strachan’s master craftsmen then started the skilled process of pressing the specially selected burr veneers to the raised and fielded solid oak centre panels. Once the careful installation process was complete, the customer’s dream bedroom was realised. The result was a resounding success. Each piece of furniture, old and new, co-ordinated perfectly and the customer was able to enjoy new spacious built in wardrobes that complemented their prized antique pieces.

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