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How to Choose the Perfect Fitted Furniture for Newlyweds

Getting married is a big commitment, but often alongside the special day comes the pressure of creating the perfect marital home. When you tie the knot, it becomes time to share everything, including the decision making on your shared furniture and décor. In order to make the decorating process as fuss free as possible, here are some simple tips to help combine your unique style and create a dream home you can’t wait to start your new life together in.

Know each other’s style

Regardless of how perfectly suited you are for each other, your tastes in interior design may be less than complementary. You should therefore start the home making process by establishing your individual preferences and lifestyle needs.

Couple looking at Strachan fitted furniture

All our furniture is bespoke


There are a number of things you should consider, including your need for storage, your use of the space, your preferred colour schemes and which furniture pieces you actually want in each room. The answers to all these are integral to the decision making process, so make sure you both fully understand each others’ needs and wants before you get started.

Consult a designer

You should consider collecting images of interiors to help visualise the home you are both aspiring to. Think about what you like about each other’s ideas and see if there is any common ground. Pinterest is a great online tool to help you create a collection of interior design ideas and easily share them with one another.

Couple inspecting wood samples in free design consultation

Free design consultation will help you find your ideal design


It also makes sense to talk to a designer. They will be able to help marry your different tastes and offer suggestions that you may never have thought of. You could take advantage of a free consultation from a local Strachan designer. They will talk to you in your own home, taking the time to understand what you’re both looking for and create a detailed design layout that suits both of you.

Invest in furniture that fits in with your life

Whatever style each of you are looking for, furniture for your bedroom, living room or study can be some of the biggest purchases you make in your new home. It’s an investment you won’t want to make often, but one you will make continuous use of. Therefore, it’s worth considering neutral palettes and timeless finishes that offer you longevity. The right furniture can maximise space, provide great background style and make living easy, so it’s worth taking time to make your decision.

Milano fitted bedroom in Dijon Walnut and High Gloss Cream

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If you’re moving into a compact city pad, space may be at a premium and wall beds can be an inspired choice. If you need a multi-purpose room, an office by day and a guest bedroom by night for example, calling on the expertise of fitted furniture designers can bring your ideas to life in a sleek and stylish way.

If your property is more palatial, beautifully made dressing room furniture can add a luxurious touch and cleverly planned fitted wardrobes can provide ingenious storage that’s tailored precisely to your needs, from full length hanging and built-in drawers to shoe storage and dressing mirrors.

Accessorising for two

Finishing touches can lift a room from practical to personal, so think about including things that link you as a couple. Display photos that mean something to you both or choose ornaments that have shared emotional connections, like a treasured memento from a trip you took together for example.

A selection of Strachan door knobs and handles

Personalise your furniture with our finishing touches


Creating your new home is not just a short-term project. It’s a long-term commitment to making a happy, loving sanctuary for you both to enjoy for years to come. Choosing quality bespoke fitted furniture in classic wood finishes can facilitate a timeless and practical setting in which to blend both your individual styles.

Whatever the size of your house, built in furniture is ideal for bringing space, organisation and luxury living to your new life together. It’s worth speaking to a design expert to understand the best furniture solutions that can be created to meet your combined lifestyles. A Strachan designer is perfectly placed to advise you on unique styles, finishes and those little touches that make a house your home.

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