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Basement Conversion

Making the most of unused space

Our customer's brief

Give our unused space a new purpose

With an abundance of unused space in their basement, these busy parents decided to look to Strachan for help. The exposed meters and service unit made the room look untended. The lack of fitted storage also left the floor cluttered with the children’s toys. They decided that the space should be divided into a cinema room and an area where their young children could work, play and relax.

Case study showing fitted wardrobes in basement conversion

"Our basement was just wasted space. We knew it had the potential to be a great entertainment area but we had no clue where to start. We wanted a way to install plenty of storage without losing the spacious feel of the rooms."

Case study showing fitted cupboard and bookshelves in basement conversion

A wall-to-wall wardrobe

Floor to ceiling storage

Our expert designer knew that fitted cupboards were the ideal way to hide the server unit away from view, while also providing floor to ceiling storage space. One wall was completely transformed into a sleek and stylish fitted cupboard. The wood finish matched their hardwood floors well, and the spacious internal shelving provided a dedicated space for all the children’s toys and books.

A matching set

Double designs

In the same room, we also designed and installed a second, narrower cupboard in an identical style. This one was used to neatly conceal all the meter units, while continuing the streamlined aesthetics of the room.

Case study showing meters cupboard in basement conversion

"The kids adore our new basement. Thanks to Strachan, they now have a favourite place to play and watch films. The cupboards are like a magic touch. They give us so much storage without seeming to take up a single inch of space. We can’t thank Strachan enough! "

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Case study showing drawers in home cinema basement conversion

A home cinema with style

Immersive entertainment

The second room was transformed into a home cinema room. Unlike Strachan’s standard home cinema designs, the customer had already designated a centre wall for their projector screen. This meant that, instead of creating an entire bespoke unit, we instead installed two units either side of the wall, which provided plenty of space to discreetly hide away their technology and film collection.

Incorporated audio technology

Built-in features

Within one of the home cinema units, we created a specially designed area to house an internal speaker. A mesh fabric was used over the cover, as opposed to the Oak wood finish, in order to help amplify the sounds while keeping the technology safely tucked out of sight.

Case study showing speaker cabinet in home cinema basement conversion

Drawing up your dream home

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