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Guest Bedroom and Office Conversion

A cleverly designed multi-function space

Our customer's brief

Maximise our space with multi-purpose designs

Busy couple, Mr & Mrs Hudson, longed for the chance to work from home more often but felt they needed a room that could be dedicated to their business and be quite separate from their family life. However, no spare rooms were available and they had no wish to move from their beloved home. They approached us to see if we could create a stylish solution to their quandary.

Case study showing study bedroom with wall bed

"Sometimes we even forget that there is a bed hidden behind the beautifully finished panels"

Case study showing fitted drawers and shelves in study bedroom

Transforming a guest bedroom

Extra functionality

Our designer visited Mr and Mrs Hudson at their home and an answer to their predicament quickly became apparent. A guest bedroom was chosen and transformed into a multi-functional space with a clever wall bed feature to accommodate overnight guests.

A sleek contemporary finish

Effortlessly modern

The rest of their home was decorated in an on trend style, so Strachan wanted to keep the guest bedroom consistent with their tastes. After showing our complete collection of wooden and coloured finishes, they decided on a beautiful high gloss cream. Set against the deepness of the wood grain finish, it created a beautiful contrast that stays true to their modern home.

Case study showing wall bed and fitted shelves in study bedroom

"We are so grateful for all your efforts in the seamless transformation of our guest room. Now we have an office at home, we can spend more time with the children. Please pass on our sincere thanks to your designer, your fitter and the whole of your wonderful team."

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Case study showing fitted cabinet in study bedroom

Mixing office and bedroom designs

Beautifully balanced

As the room was being used as both a workspace and a relaxing room for overnight guests, it was important to incorporate the right blend of furniture pieces. To achieve this, we created an open shelving space, which housed reading materials as well as a TV set and DVD collection.

Curved corner desk

Home office space

Faced with limited space for a work desk, Strachan decided to install a curved one in the corner of the room. This not only meant that there was a dedicated work place, along with cleverly integrated storage for technology, but it also allowed enough floor space to accommodate the full wall bed when pulled down.

Case study showing curved fitted desk in study bedroom
Case study showing pulled down wall bed in study bedroom

A bed for the night

Comfort and convenience

The standout feature of the room is the convertible wall bed, which allows Mr and Mrs Hudson to transform the room in a matter of seconds. Complete with a soft, inviting mattress, the bed completely disappears into the carcase of the cupboard when not in use.

Drawing up your dream home

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